Failure to Launch

Why Your Twentysomething Hasn’t Grown Up—and What You Can Do About It

by Dr. Mark McConville
January 2020 – Putnam, USA

In his first book, Mark McConville addresses the global problem of a generation of “struggling transitioners”: the young adults aged 18-30 who fail to successfully transition from adolescence into adulthood. These young people live at home or are otherwise financially dependent upon their parents. They should be launching their adult lives, but instead are failing at the curriculum of growing up—not continuing their education, not taking on responsibility, not moving toward self-sufficiency.

It’s not just a problem in the U.S. Global demographic changes and an unstable world economy mean that the number of struggling transitioners has skyrocketed. We are in the middle of a growing international crisis, as young people lose years that might otherwise go toward building careers, families, and independent selves, and parents lose the opportunity to enjoy a mature relationship with the adults they have raised. And unlike the parenting challenges of childhood and adolescence, this crisis has until now had few resources, and none backed by both research and clinical experience.

In FAILURE TO LAUNCH, Dr. McConville shares with an international audience the specific, actionable philosophy of parent support and guidance he guides patients through in his waitlist-only practice.

Mark McConville, Ph.D. is a Clinical Psychologist in private practice in Cleveland, Ohio, specializing in adult, adolescent, emerging adult, and family psychology. A senior faculty member at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, he has lectured, published, and taught widely on the subjects of child development, parenting, and counseling methodology.