Love Unexpected (series)

Contemporary Romance

by Jody Holford
Entangled: Amara (US)

LET IT BE ME (January 2018)

Megan Carter’s spent the past five years nannying for a pint-size boss—the adorable Charlie—while also navigating her full-size boss, his somewhat grouchy, way-too-methodical dad, Adam. Now that she’s finally moving on, helping Adam find her replacement should be easy…except he doesn’t want another nanny. He wants a wife.

Adam’s been burned by love in the past, so of course he believes finding someone who can be a partner in raising his son is all that matters. Too bad the woman helping him search is the biggest believer in love at first sight and happily-ever-after he’s ever met.

Even as Adam’s funny, charming, and—who would have thought it?—super-hot side starts to come out, Megan knows that without love, a family would never be complete. But convincing Adam of that might be harder than she thought.

MADE FOR YOU (October 2018)

Stella Lane put her heart and soul into pursuing her late husband’s dream. Now, with a thriving veterinarian clinic in a growing town, she needs some help. She’s escaped the loneliness of being a widow by burying herself in her work. She’s perfectly fine giving her time and affection to the animals she sees and helps.

Zachary Mason left Brockton Point and never planned on coming back other than to visit. For the last three years he’s been overseas working in an animal shelter that caters to war wounded pets. His hope is for it to one day be his. When his mom gets sick, he comes home.

Not good with idle time, Zach applies for the job at Stella’s clinic. He’s not sure how long his mom will need him around, but he won’t leave while she is recovering. Without intending to, he falls for Stella and finds himself wanting things he’d never imagined, such as a future with one woman. He certainly shouldn’t be imagining it with his boss, especially since he plans to leave when his mom feels better. Plus, Stella had her heart broken in the worst possible way and he doesn’t want to hurt her. But when he decides he’s in too deep to walk away, can he convince her that he’s ready to be the man she needs?

Untitled (November 2018)

Declan has everything he wants: a successful business, good friends, a godson he adores, and, when he’s interested, an active dating life. He doesn’t want a relationship and certainly has no plans to give his heart to any woman. He made that mistake twelve years ago and the woman married someone else.

Laney’s life is going the exact opposite of the way she planned. When she finds out she’s pregnant, gets dumped, and fired in the same day, she does what any self-respecting twenty eight year old would—she goes home to her parents.

When Laney shows up at Declan’s bar looking for work, she no longer looks like the young girl he once teased about getting braces. His high school friendship with Laney’s brother and his need for someone to deal with his accounting at his bar leads him to hiring her.

While he can admit his attraction to her, he wouldn’t act on it for several reasons: all grown up or not, she’s a friend’s little sister, she’s an employee, and she’s got forever written all over her. When he finds out she’s pregnant, he tells himself he’s helping her—taking care of her—because he’s a good guy. In truth, he knows he’s falling. He knows because he’s felt it before and it’s scaring the hell out of him. What’s worse is he’s not just falling for her; he’s falling for her unborn child and the idea of a family of his own.

When Laney’s past comes back, wanting Declan’s future, he either has to risk his heart or let her go. He can’t stand the thought of either, but the choice might not be his.

Jody Holford is both a contemporary romance and cozy mystery author. She lives in British Columbia with her family. She’s a huge fan of Rainbow Rowell, Nora Roberts, Carly Phillips, Lori Foster, Sarah Fox, & Agatha Frost. She’s unintentionally funny and rarely on time for anything. She has an equal amount of love for writing and reading the sigh worthy moments in a book.