The Paris Children

A Novel of WWII
by Gloria Goldreich
December 2020 – Sourcebooks (US)

Paris, summer of 1935. Madeleine Levy and her family mourn the death of World War One hero and beloved grandfather, Alfred Dreyfus. Amidst blossoming pear trees and a fragrant breeze, Madeleine feels the weight of her grandfather’s death imbue her with a spirit of resistance and bravery despite the encroaching danger of German troops. As Madeleine reminisces on how he remained at her bedside when she was ill with the scarlet fever that impaired her hearing, she feels charged to follow in her grandfather’s heroic footsteps and defend France against fascism and anti-semitism.

Madeleine uses her education, patience, and charm to provide aid to Jewish children and refugees who have escaped Nazi Germany and occupied Poland. Fueled by a deep loyalty for her country, an enduring pride of her Jewish background, and encouragement from Claude, her partner in crime, Madeline persists despite extreme danger, worsening hearing loss, and bottomless despair. With courage and daring, Madeleine undertakes deadly missions, saving Jewish lives throughout France. Despite the dangers that haunt them, Madeleine’s quiet friendship with Claude gradually deepens into a tender love.

Ripe with stunning imagery of the French landscape under siege, THE PARIS CHILDREN is a tragic story of gentle love in an era of hatred and cruelty. In the vein of Kristen Hannah’s The Nightingale and Martha Hall Kelly’s Lilac Girls, the true story of THE PARIS CHILDREN illuminates the courage of love and the power of hope in the face of hatred and prejudice. With gorgeous language and evocative imagery, Goldreich emphasizes the importance of solidarity against injustice and hope as a form of resistance.

Gloria Goldreich is the critically acclaimed author of several novels, including THE BRIDAL CHAIR (Sourcebooks 2015), OPEN DOORS (Mira 2008), DINNER WITH ANNA KARENINA (Mira 2006), WALKING HOME (Mira 2005), LEAH’S CHILDREN (Berkley 1985), and LEAH’S JOURNEY (Harcourt 1978; Berkley 1983), which won the National Jewish Book Award. Her books have been selections of the Book of the Month Club, the Literary Guild and the Troll Book Club. Gloria and her husband live in Tuckahoe, New York.