Agents EN

You can download here our list of representations. 

NB : You can access each agent’s website by clicking on their name.

Adams Literary — upon request
Aevitas Creative Management — upon request
Biagi Literary ManagementFrankfurt 2020 – Adult titles 
London 2020 – Books For Young Readers
Vicky Bijur Literary Agent
BookEnds Literary Agency: Spring 2021
Georges Borchardt, Inc.: Spring 2021
Don Congdon Associates, Inc.London 2021
The Fielding Agency: Frankfurt 2020 – Adult titles
Frankfurt 2020 – Children & YA titles
Folio Literary Management: Spring 2021 – Adult fiction & non-fiction
Spring 2021 – Children’s & YA
Blanche C. Gregory, Inc.
Hodgman LiterarySpring 2021
Inkwell Management: Spring 2021
The Elizabeth Kaplan Literary Agency
Marcil-O’Farrell Literary, LLC

Massie & McQuilkin Literary Agents: London 2021
McIntosh and Otis, Inc. (children’s books)
Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency, Inc. — upon request
Harold Ober Associates: Rights list 2020
Raines & Raines
RightsMixBologna 2021
The Ross Yoon Literary Agency, LLCLondon 2021
Jane Rotrosen Agency — upon request
Susan Schulman Literary Agency
Sobel Weber Associates, Inc.
Philip G. Spitzer Literary Agency: Spring 2021
Straus LiteraryFrankfurt 2020
The Stephanie Tade Agency, LLC
The Tobias Literary Agency: Spring 2021
Upstart Crow Literary & The Inkhouse : Frankfurt 2020
Wales Literary Agency
Wernick & Pratt Bologna 2020

Beverley Slopen Literary Agency: Spring 2021

Jenny Brown Associates: Spring 2021
Brownlee Donald Associates: London 2021 – Non-fiction titles / London 2021 – Fiction titles
Juliet Burton
David Marshall
Sara Menguc