Eastern Encounters

Art / History

by Emily Hannam
June 2018 – Royal Collection Trust

The British royal family has had a long-standing intellectual and artistic relationship with India. Through the exploration of the history of Indian manuscripts in the Royal Collection, this publication offers the reader a new understanding of the developing relationship between the British Crown and India’s royal courts.

Drawing upon the Royal Library’s world-class collection of manuscripts from the Indian subcontinent, these elegant masterpieces comprise a variety of subject matter, from dazzling Mughal durbars to
sensuous poetic scenes.

Presenting new scholarship that traces the 400-year history between Britain and India, this book also marks the first time that many of these works have been published.

Emily Hannam is Catalogue Project Assistant, Royal Collection Trust.


256 pages / approx. 62,000 words
over 150 colour illustrations
280 × 220 mm