Miles Away From You

YA Contemporary

by A. B. Rutledge
July 2018 – Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (US)

For fans of Adam Silvera and Jandy Nelson comes a quirky and completely fresh story of young love, loss, and the drastic distances we sometimes have to travel in order to move on.

Miles loved Vivian. Loved her when her bigoted parents couldn’t accept she was transgender. Loved her after she swallowed a bottle of pills a year ago and was put on life support. Fought for her in a highly publicized court battle over gender and the rights of a body. And now, finally, Miles has reached his breaking point.

Miles travels to Iceland where he can escape the media circus and hide from his guilt. Planning to spend the time alone, Miles instead meets Oskar, an aloof concierge struggling through a messy break-up of his own. With Oskar’s help, Miles honors Vivian by photographing her empty boots against the bleak and beautiful landscape. With each step he takes in Vivian’s shoes, Miles finds his heart healing. But with his girlfriend still in a coma, Miles must accept she won’t recover—and find the strength to let go of his first love.

Told through a series of instant messages he sends to Vivian, Miles’ journey takes him all over Iceland, forces him out of his comfort zone, and begins the process of healing his broken heart.

A.B. Rutledge is an optician from Southeast Missouri. She likes ’90s alternative music, dresses with pockets, and leaving Halloween decorations up all year long. When she’s not up at 3 a.m. scribbling out stories, you can find her in her art studio covered in paper scraps, paint, and cats. MILES AWAY FROM YOU is her first novel. Visit A.B. Rutledge at, on Twitter at @a_b_rutledge, and on Instagram at @a.b.rutledge.


« [A] beautifully complicated story of nonconforming existence[…]. Rutledge’s insightful debut captures the voice of an emotionally tormented young man trying to find himself abroad. At turns hilarious, sexy, and emotionally turbulent, Rutledge’s examination of the complexities of gender and romantic attraction, will be sure to illuminate and captivate discerning teen readers. »—Booklist, STARRED

« Devastating and so very real in its raw honest portrayal of the effects of suicide, MILES AWAY FROM YOU is a testament to friendship, love, and learning to move on from grief… Rutledge is deft at delicately highlighting grief and suicide while also allowing Miles a chance at self-discovery and hope. Thoughtful and expressive, this is one upcoming novel that you will be hardpressed to forget. »—Teen Vogue, “Queer Reads You Need: Upcoming Queer Releases, Winter 2017”

« Miles’ exploration and questioning of his queer identity throughout the book is refreshingly unashamed… A much-needed story about rediscovering identity after loss. « —Kirkus

« [T]he protagonist’s dealing with his loss and his return to art is a touching journey. »—School Library Journal

« At turns heartbreaking and achingly beautiful, MILES AWAY FROM YOU is a fantastically written tale of love and self-discovery in the wreckage of loss and trauma. I can’t recommend it enough. »—Meredith Russo, author of If I Was Your Girl