No Self, No Problem

NO SELF, NO PROBLEM: How Neuropsychology is Catching Up to Buddhism
by Chris Niebauer
September 2019 – Hierophant (US)

Has science confirmed what the Buddha already knew?

In this groundbreaking book, neuropsychology professor Chris Niebauer explains how after decades of research on the brain, Western science may have inadvertently confirmed a fundamental tenet of Buddhism: Anatta, or the doctrine of “no self.”

Niebauer explains how findings in neuropsychology suggest that our sense of self is actually an illusion created by the left side of the brain, and that it exists in the same way that a mirage in the middle of the desert exists, as a thought rather than a thing. This incredible thesis has significant and wide-ranging implications in psychology, philosophy, religion, and personal growth.

Not content to merely detail how this radical new (yet ancient) perspective could change our view of the world and what it means to be human, Niebauer also offers a range of intriguing exercises at the end of each chapter that will allow you to experience this truth for yourself.

Read this book and you will never view “self-help” the same way again!

Chris Niebauer earned his Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuropsychology at the University of Toledo specializing in differences between the left and right sides of the human brain. He is currently a professor at Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania, where he teaches courses on Consciousness, Mindfulness, Left and Right Brain Differences, and a course on Artificial intelligence.