The Great Pet Heist

by Emily Ecton, illustrated by Dave Mottram
May 2020 – Atheneum Books for Young Readers / Simon & Schuster (US)

“Ocean’s Eleven meets Secret Lives of Pets!”

Butterbean the dachshund and her friends must pull off the heist of the century to keep from being sent to the pound.

Butterbean knew she wasn’t always a good dog. Still, she’d never considered herself a BAD dog until the morning that her owner, Mrs. Food, fell in the hallway. Admittedly, the tile was slipperier than usual because Butterbean had just thrown up on it. (To be fair, she’d spent most of the morning chasing her tail.)

But now Butterbean and her fellow pets have to come up with a grand plan to support themselves in case Mrs. Food is unable to keep taking care of them. When they discover a mysterious man in their building who seems to have lots of loot, they plan a heist. Oscar the mynah bird is the brains of the operation. Walt the cat has the necessary slyness and slink. Marco and Polo are the reconnaissance rats. And Butterbean… well, no one would ever suspect the cute, slobbery one, right?

Emily Ecton is a former writer and producer for Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me!, the NPR news quiz. She has also been a playwright, a chinchilla wrangler, an ice cream scooper and a costume character.

Dave Mottram is an illustrator living in Ohio who worked as a graphic designer for many years which led him to pursue his passion for illustration. He paints traditionally and digitally with color and layers and line. He loves tacos, animals, tikis, and nerding out on art supplies.