Bear’s Adventure

by Benedict Blathwayt
1st edition: 1988 – Julia MacRae /2nd edition: 2009 – Tobermory Story /3rd edition: 2016 – BC Books / Birlinn (UK)

Bear is one of the family. He goes everywhere with his young companions. Then one day, somehow, Bear is left behind at the seaside. As the sun goes down, the tide comes in, and Bear begins his great adventure. Find out how he gets home in this delightful story written and illustrated by one of Britain’s favouite children’s authors.

Benedict Blathwayt spent much of his youth, childhood and early years of married life on Mull. He has written and illustrated over 50 picture books for Julie MacRae, Walker Books, Hutchinson, OUP and Rex Fox, among others, and his work has appeared in 14 languages. He won the Smarties Prize in 1988 for Tangle and the Firesticks.

Press & Reviews

“Ben Blathwayt is a gift to the imaginative child who enjoys exploring microscopically detailed pictures”—The Times