How To Get Sh*t Done

Business / Self-Help

by Erin Falconer
February 2018 – North Star Way / Simon & Schuster

HOW TO GET SHT DONE is the first productivity book to show women how to do less so they can achieve more. Women have a lot of responsibilities—personally at home and in their communities and professionally at work- but they don’t often examine why they’re doing all the millions of items on their to-do lists. Packed with real-life advice, HOW TO GET SHT DONE introduces women to the The POP System, which challenges women to focus on only three areas of their lives and shows them how to POP as stand-out achievers in those areas. It shows readers how to improve their productivity and implement new goals, offering journaling exercises, checkpoints, productivity sprints and other habits that will become integral parts of their new productivity framework.

Erin Falconer is the Co-Owner and Editor-in-Chief of Pick the Brain, one of the most popular and well-respected self-improvement sites in the world. With over 400 bloggers from around the world contributing content and read in more than 35 countries daily, Pick the Brain receives over 1,800,000 monthly page views and reaches over 675,000 readers on Facebook. In 2013, Forbes named Pick the Brain as one of the “Top 100 Most Influential Sites for Women” alongside Pinterest. Erin Falconer was designated as one of the Top Digital Entrepreneurs in Los Angeles by LA Confidential as well as being named by Refinery 29 as one of Top 7 Women Changing the Digital Landscape for Good.


« The book’s peppy self-improvement zeal is energizing, and Falconer’s exhortations to silence the self-deprecatory voices in your head and let your own needs shine through are well-taken. » —Publishers Weekly

« Erin Falconer is a renowned name in the field of lifestyle and self improvement. » —Business Wire

« If you swear every year will be the year you finally finish your endless to-do lists and become a productivity machine, this book is for you. » —

“If you’re looking to be more productive this year, Erin Falconer might be able to show you the way.” —Bustle