Big Dreams, Daily Joys

BIG DREAMS, DAILY JOYS: A Step by Step Guide to Crushing Your Goals
by Elise Blaha Cripe
September 2019 – Chronicle Books (US)

Goal-setting systems are a multi-billion-dollar industry—from planners to guidebooks to more. BIG DREAMS, DAILY JOYS will be the first modern new addition to this perennially strong category, one which speaks to the real-life challenges and sensibility of today’s readers. With the warmth of THE CROSSROADS OF SHOULD AND MUST and the toolbox practicality of GETTING THINGS DONE, this book shows every dreamer how to become a doer.

BIG DREAMS, DAILY JOYS is a book for creative people who struggle to get things done. For anyone who is ready to move forward with something big. For that person who is looking for encouragement to better manage their daily to-do list. It’s for the person who finds big dreams exciting but daily to-dos overwhelming.

This is a goal-setting guidebook for your life. With it, anything you commit to paper can become your reality, one small task at a time. With each bite-size chapter, idea, tip and suggestion, you’ll learn the art of creating enjoyable daily work and making progress on big dreams. It’s a motivating and engaging book that will connect with creative people who are ready to get to work but are not sure how to start or where to begin.

Elise Blaha Cripe is a creative entrepreneur, a podcast host, and the founder of Get to Work Book, a goal-setting brand. She lives in San Diego, California.