GENTELLIGENCE: The Revolutionary Approach to Leading an Intergenerational Workforce
by Megan Gerhardt, Josephine Nachemson-Ekwall & 
Brandon Fogel
June 2021 / Rowman & Littlefield (US)

Leading a generationally diverse workforce is challenging; this book provides a reader’s guide of best-in-class strategies for harnessing and unleashing its potential.

GENTELLIGENCE presents a transformative way to end the generational wars once and for all. This book first introduces Gentelligence as a powerful business strategy and shows why it is critical for the future of work. It then presents a practical guide and a call to action for leaders of all ages to unlock the potential strengths of each generation. Readers will learn how an intergenerational workforce can be reframed as a profound business opportunity and discover how Gentelligence can help them win the talent war, create strong, diverse teams, and build adaptable cultures that will flourish in an era of rapid change.

GENTELLIGENCE shares groundbreaking evidence that will have readers thinking about their generationally diverse workforce in an entirely different way.

As a leadership consultant and professor at the Farmer School of Business at Miami University, Megan Gerhardt is often asked to speak on intergenerational leadership. Her Tedx Talk has over 10,000 views and her work on Gentelligence has been featured in The Washington Post, Inc. Magazine, Business Insider, The Chicago Tribune, and MarketWatch among others.

Josephine Nachemson-Ekwall is an associate director of financial crime prevention policy and procedures at UBS. Josephine’s work in leadership development focuses on strengths-based development, individual coaching, and the importance of personal mission and values in driving one’s life and career.

Brandon Fogel is a senior consultant at Ernst & Young LLC in the People Advisory Services practice, which specializes in organizational change and people management. Brandon’s work in leadership development focuses on strengths-based development, effective teaming strategies, and the value of goal setting.