Big Foot and Little Foot (series)

Early Readers / Adventure

by Ellen Potter, illustrated by Felicita Sala
Amulet Books / Adams (US)

Little Bear meets Gravity Falls in Ellen Potter’s newest chapter book series.

#1 BIG FOOT AND LITTLE FOOT – (April 2018)

Hugo is a young Sasquatch who longs for adventure. Boone is young boy who longs to see a Sasquatch. When their worlds collide, they become the unlikeliest pair of best friends.

At the Academy for Curious Squidges, Hugo learns all manner of Sneaking—after all, the most important part of being a Sasquatch is staying hidden from humans. But Hugo dreams of roaming free in the Big Wide World rather than staying cooped up in caves. When he has an unexpected run-in with a young human boy, Hugo seizes the opportunity for a grand adventure. Soon, the two team up to search high and low for mythical beasts, like Ogopogos and Snoot-Nosed Gints.

Through discovering these new creatures, together, Big Foot and Little Foot explore the ins and outs of each other’s very different worlds but learn that, deep down, maybe they’re not so different after all.


When Boone spends the day at the Academy for Curious Squidges, odd events begin to happen. Things are disappearing by halves. Half of Izzy’s Monster Cards are missing and half of Gigi’s lunch money is gone. Even half of Mrs. Nukluk pencils have been taken. Some of the Sasquatches suspect Boone, so Hugo and Boone consult Gigi’s Encyclopedia Of Beasts Great and Small and develop a few suspicions of their own.

#3 – Spring 2020

A dozen “Yellow-Top Saquatches” have to flee from their cave because of a large cat-like creature seen prowling there.

The Yellow-Tops are now temporary guests in Widdershins Cave. That means Hugo has to share his room with a Yellow-Top squidge who has totally different customs and habits…and is driving Hugo crazy!

Some Sasquatches think the cat-like creature in the Yellow Tops’ cave is a mountain lion. Others whisper that it’s a Werecat. Hugo’s grandfather, however, tells Hugo and Boone a secret that makes them think it might be something else entirely.

Ellen Potter is the award-winning author of many books for children, including the Olivia Kidney series, Slob, The Kneebone Boy, and most recently, the Piper Green series. She lives in Maine.

Felicita Sala is a self-taught illustrator and lives in Rome.


“Potter gives her amusing and adventurous plot just the right amount of detail to bring it to life, as do Sala’s simple line drawings. This warmhearted new series, particularly suited for reluctant readers or chapter-book newbies, promises more laughs and exploits from the entertainingly paired Hugo and Boone.”—Booklist, STARRED

“Young readers will enjoy this story of an unlikely friendship and may especially like the Sasquatch characters and setting, which are impressively well developed. The gentle humor throughout is sure to entertain. Sala’s charming illustrations only add to the appeal. Established chapter book author Potter delivers another winner with this series opener.”—School Library Journal

“Delightfully playful…A charming friendship story and great setup for future books.”—Kirkus Reviews