Prince Not-So Charming (series)

Early Readers/Humor

by Roy L. Hinuss, illustrated by Matt Hunt
Imprint/Macmillan US

A hilarious new series of illustrated chapter books about a reluctant Prince Charming. For every kid who might worry that it’s hard to live up to the fairy tale.

#1 ONCE UPON A PRANK (August 2018)

Prince Carlos Charles Charming has a lot to live up to since he’s next in line to become king of Faraway Kingdom.

Carlos hopes for a different destiny. A destiny involving fart jokes and banana peels. What happens when you dream of being court jester instead of fulfilling your princely duty? (And when you can’t hear the word “duty” without thinking of a poop joke?)

But when a dragon is spotted in the Somewhat Enchanted woods, Carlos is going to have to figure out how to be a true Prince Charming fast. Because it’s a slay-or-get-slayed world out there…

The first in a hilarious new chapter book series, Once Upon A Prank introduces a reluctant Prince Charming to every kid who might worry it’s hard to live up to the fairy tale—and who would be happy to know it’s OK to be who you really are.

#2 HER ROYAL SLYNESS (August 2018)

Prince Carlos Charles Charming is juggling a lot. Meaning he is literally, constantly practicing the art of juggling, instead of engaging in his princely duties.

That leaves him unprepared for a terrifying mission: There’s a princess trapped in a tower. Specifically, the Tallest Tower. On the terrifyingly named Witch Island. Unfortunately, the king thinks this sounds like a job for Prince Charming.

Carlos soon discovers that rescuing a damsel in distress requires a damsel in distress.

#3 THE DORK KNIGHT (November 2018)

Prince Carlos Charles Charming has a secret: He’d much rather tell jokes than be a prince. But when you’re the heir to Faraway Kingdom, you don’t always get what you want.

Which is why Carlos has to learn how to joust.

Carlos is surprisingly great at jousting, from spearing haystacks to smashing watermelons. But when a tournament rolls around, suddenly Carlos realizes he has to actually point his lance at other people―and they’ll point theirs back!

Perfect for middle school readers and filled with adorable illustrations, Prince Not-So Charming: The Dork Knight shows it’s hard to live up to the fairy tale―and that the best way to win a contest can be embracing your own dorkiness.

#4 HAPPILY EVER LAUGHTER (November 2018)

Prince Carlos Charles Charming isn’t the princeliest of princes. But he might be the funniest.

Unfortunately, being hilarious won’t help much at a birthday party thrown by an evil queen with no sense of humor. And if Carlos, his pet dragon, and his friend Pinky don’t bring the right presents and fail to dance perfectly, the evil queen might declare war.

Can Carlos and his friends keep the party from turning into a disaster? Who are we kidding? The real question is: After starting a food fight, can they save their kingdom?

Perfect for middle school readers and filled with adorable illustrations, Prince Not-So Charming: Happily Ever Laughter is for every kid who worries about how to survive their next party.

Once upon a time, Roy L. Hinuss wrote a book—about a certain Prince Charming who is not-so charming. In fact, Hinuss wrote a few. Rumors that he then lived happily ever after have yet to be confirmed.

Matt Hunt spent his childhood in the historical county of Worcestershire, England. Starting out as a fine artist, he graduated from the Birmingham School of Art and, from these roots, developed a love for children’s illustration. Matt now lives in Redditch, in northeast England, with his wife and two cats, and keeps busy drawing from his humble little home studio. Visit him at