The Ultimate Survival Guide to Being a Girl

YA Non-Fiction

THE ULTIMATE SURVIVAL GUIDE TO BEING A GIRL: On Love, Body Image, School, and Making It Through Life
by Christina De Witte
August 2018 – Little Brown Books for You!ng Readers (US)

Addressing the struggles of young girls everywhere, this fun, comic guide to life provides real advice and encourages a new generation of teen girls to find confidence and embrace individuality.
With friends, love, social media, body image, and more—navigating young adulthood can seem impossible. THE ULTIMATE SURVIVAL GUIDE TO BEING A GIRL provides humorous and highly relatable guidelines for all of the struggles young girls face, through comics and hands-on advice. Quirky, hilarious, and sincere, this book empowers young women to challenge society’s unrealistic standards of beauty and embrace their individuality. This is sure to be a favorite for teen girls!

Author and illustrator Christina De Witte (who lives in The Netherlands) is a social media star. Her beloved character Chrostin have amassed more than 55,000 followers on Instagram in just over a year. Chrostin recently went viral globally with more than 30,000 shares and features in Buzzfeed, Cosmo, UpWorthy, and Bored Panda.