Representing mainly English-language publishers and agents for French-language rights, Agence Michelle Lapautre has been striving for the past fifty years to develop the presence of English-language authors in French-speaking countries.

The agency was founded in 1961 in New York by Georges Borchardt in partnership with Michelle Lapautre, based in Paris. In 1968, Agence Michelle Lapautre became fully independent. Michelle built the agency’s reputation and activity, making it one of the foremost French literary agencies. Her daughter, Catherine Lapautre, joined the agency in 1994. After Michelle retired, Catherine took over and is now running the agency. A pioneer in bringing the work of English-language writers to France, Michelle Lapautre passed away in January 2020.

Claire de Robespierre is in charge of contracts, subsidiary rights, audio, theater and film rights.

Manuscripts, submissions, and follow-up on deals and publications are handled by Mathilde Lamborot and Félix Brncic.

Mathilde Caër handles reversions and renewals.

Stéphanie Louchet is the agency’s accountant.